AI for Industrial Drones

Reliable, Intelligent, Autonomous Solution for Inspection

Nearthlab provides automated inspection service for industrial facilities using proprietary AI-based autonomous drone solution.

Time and Cost-saving

Inspection is a dangerous and time-consuming task. Nearthlab’s autonomous drones allow safe and fast inspection.

Safety and Convenience

As drones autonomously collect inspection data with just one click of a button, complex manuals or procedures are not required.

Quantitative Analysis

Severity and progress of damages can be quantitatively measured based on high resolution photos taken from a close distance.


“We will win 3-billion-dollar wind turbine inspection market with autonomous drones”

Nearthlab CEO Jayhyuk Choi’s interview, introducing the company, technology and service
[Source: Dong-a Weekly]

“‘Visiting 2018 Korea Energy Show”

Introduction of Nearthlab’s participation in 2018 Korea Energy Show
[eNews Today]

“Nearthlab CEO Jaehyuk Choi”

Introduction of Nearthlab, which is targeting wind turbine inspection market with its proprietory autonomous drone soluton
[E2 News]


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